Mark Brooks OBE,

The Conservative Candidate for

Bexleyheath and Crayford: 

"It is an honour and privilege as a local man for the good people of Barnehurst, Bexleyheah, Bostall, Crayford, Northumberland Heath, the Pantiles and Slade Green to vote for me to be their Member of Parliament.

I will always put the law-abiding tax-paying majority first. Those who work hard, saved hard for their retirement, the families, the young men and women who want to get on and of course, supporting those who need extra help. 

Our area is the best place in London to live, work, bring up a family and start a business. I will do all I can to keep it that way. A tax-cutting, immigration-controlling Conservative Government will deliver. 

We are already stuck with the Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan for another four years.

A man  who is trying to destroy our suburban way of life and dislikes anyone who wants to own or drive a car. His best mates Starmer and Rayner would be a disaster for us here and for the whole country too."

Sir David Evennett, said: "I am delighted that local Conservatives have chosen my good friend, Mark Brooks OBE, as the Conservative candidate for Bexleyheath and Crayford at the General Election.

I have every  confidence that he will serve our communty as a first class Member of Parliament and I would urge everyone to support him at the ballot box on

Thursday 4th July."